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  • Student Handbook Including Uniform Policy
    Headscarves, Hats, Bandanas, etc. are not permitted at Chouteau nor is unusually colored hair or hairstyles (Mohawks, pink, green, purple, etc., hair or excessive feathers) that would pose a distraction to the learning environment.
    Student handbook
Vision, Mission & Goal


Small group Guided Reading and Math

Balanced Literacy and Balanced Numeracy (Includes Mountain Math)

No Opt Out and Running Records

Data Driven Instruction

A+ Essential Elements


Higher Leveled Questioning and Responses


To become familiar with the Book Room Materials

Review the components of our team created lesson plan

Have a greater understanding of the expected math resources


We are Chouteau Cougars,

we always do our best,

Our focus every day is striving for success,

We care for one another and we're honest with what we say, Our positive energy helps us get through each and every day , We can reach our dreams if we just believe we can.

We will focus during class and respect all including our friends,

Our destiny lies within us and though others may seriously doubt it,

Determination, working with others and hard work is the way we’ll go about it.


ARTS—Valued as essential to the learning process, taught daily and included in planning

CURRICULUM—Making connections between core subjects to promote meaningful learning experiences and spark enthusiasm for learning

EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING—Hands-on, real world application of learning objectives, using differentiated instruction to support innovation and critical thinking

MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES—Provides opportunity for information to be absorbed in a variety of ways

ENRICHED ASSESSMENT—Evaluates achievement by allowing students to demonstrate mastery through multiple measures

COLLABORATION—Strengthens ownership across the school community while promoting broad-based leadership and intentional connections

INFRASTRUCTURE—Organizes time, space, technology and resources to support transformative learning

CLIMATE—Teachers and students are respected, and the creative process is highly valued


Chouteau is an A+ School which develops students academically and socially through enriched learning opportunities to discover their full potential as lifelong learners.


To provide quality learning experiences which encourage higher level thinking and lifelong learning skills, by teaching to the whole child and stimulating creativity and imagination.

Chouteau is a Traditional Calendar School

Home of the Cougars!


  • Priority School Status
    A letter, from our Superintendent of schools, to parents in regards to Chouteau being a "Priority School."
Enrollment Information
The following items are required to enroll a student:
  • Birth Certificate
  • Up-to-date Immunizations
  • Social Security Card
  • Proof of Address
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